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JunkGuysDfw cannot be held liable for any work done by any independent contractor. Every contractor is independent and freely to work on his own project per job.

JunkGuysDfw.com is a digital cleaning service website evolving the way homeowners connect with cleaning service professionals to complete home projects. With JunkGuysDfw on-demand platform, homeowners can find professionals that can remove unwanted junk and trash removal experts that have been prescreened. JunkGuysDfw primary objective is to instantly book appointments on the phone or online through our highly ranked SEO website which is compatible with all iOS, Android and virtual assistants. JunkGuysDfw is based in Dallas , Texas and is an operating as only a Broker / Call center. 

JunkGuys primary business  is to broker a transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed. As a broker who also acts as a seller to each and every customer that we provide junk removal and trash pickup services to. 

Our call center is centralized in the Dallas / Fort Worth area we provide sub contract jobs to individuals that have worked with us with many years of experience. 

For more information regarding our Broker service please contact:

Ricardo Hernandez