Moving a piano is a very difficult and not something we’d recommend for anyone to try that isn’t a pro. They’re heavy, oddly shaped, and maneuvering to a moving truck can be a nightmare if you have to go down stairs or through narrow hallway . On top of that, the last thing you want is to irreparably damage a persons home because of a simple mistake. You might be worried about the cost of moving an upright piano, but the risk of damage just isn’t worth the savings.

Only $200

With our piano movers, you can expect careful and pro handling of your upright piano. When moving valuable pianos that can each weigh between 450 and 1200 pounds, skill, muscles, and veteran time is needed.

Frequently asked questions
What to do with old Pianos?
We take all pianos to the landfill center 40% of a Piano are made of metals that can be recycled.

Where can I take old Upright piano?
Take your Piano to your local landfill center. Call us and we will remove it and haul it for only $200.00

How much does a Piano removal cost?
Our cheap standard price of $200.00 to remove and haul off any size Piano or grand piano or organ is 40-50% cheaper than our competition. 

What to do with an old piano or grand piano? 
Try to call your local salvation army or goodwill  and see if they are willing to send a representative to come by and pick it up, if not take it to the recycling center or give us a call. Call your local church and see if they need one. 

Junk Guys Professional UpRight Piano & Grand Piano Removal Service, And Junk Removal

Welcome to Junk Guys, your trusted source for professional piano removal services. If you have an upright piano, large piano, or grand piano that needs to be removed from your home or establishment, we are here to help. Our experienced team specializes in safe and efficient piano removal, providing you with a hassle-free solution to handle these heavy and delicate instruments.

Why Choose Junk Guys for Piano Removal & Disposal?

Piano removal requires specialized knowledge and equipment, and that's where our expertise comes in. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for your piano removal needs:

1. Expertise in Piano Removal: At Junk Guys, we have extensive experience in handling various types of pianos, including upright pianos, large pianos, and grand pianos. Our skilled team understands the intricacies involved in the safe and careful removal of these instruments. We use proper techniques and equipment to protect both the piano and your property during the removal process.

2. Safety and Care: Upright Pianos are delicate and heavy instruments, and their removal should not be taken lightly. We prioritize safety and take every precaution to ensure a smooth and damage-free removal. Our team is trained to handle the challenges associated with piano removal, including maneuvering through tight spaces and navigating stairs. You can trust us to handle your piano with the utmost care and professionalism.

3. Comprehensive Upright Piano Removal: Whether you have an upright piano, large piano, or grand piano, our services cover all types. We have the expertise and equipment to handle pianos of different sizes and complexities. No matter the size or location of your piano, we will develop a customized removal plan to safely transport and dispose of it.

Affordable piano removal services are finally nearby.

Need to get rid of an old piano but don’t want to hurt your back or deal with the hassle of posting it to sell, let us haul it away for you. Choose the best local piano removers around and get an upfront $200 quote for convenient piano disposal.

When you book with JunkGuys, you know exactly how much piano removal costs before you ever book. So why wait? Count on JunkGuys for fast, easy and cheap piano removal services that are nearby.


Only the inside metal brass part of the piano is recycled , it's called the harp area this is the part that makes the sound for the piano. All the keys and wood of the piano is properly disposed at the local landfill. Trust me this is no easy task for an individual removing and hauling of a piano takes two people 50-60% of back injuries occur moving large heavy objects in the house.


Piano Removal 

Upright Piano Disposal

Grand Piano Pickup 

Organ Recycling

Electronic Keyboard Haul Off ​​

Our piano junkguys can negotiate the most complicated of moves with the ease that only comes from years of experience. We can assure a worry-free haul off for your piano.


​To dismantle a piano:
Open the top piano lid and key cover to see inside the upright piano. Unscrew the piano part desk, or the space where the sheet music always rests, to expose the metal harp. Loosen all the screws on the upright piano key cover to remove. Remove the lower board cover also , or the wall that houses the foot metal pedals, to expose the lower part mechanism. Loosen all the screws and remove the wood top lid. Unscrew and remove the felt that runs across the front action, or the piano hammers. Remove the metal bracket screws to loosen and remove the piano action. Pull each small key straight up to remove and haul it aside. Loosen the tension in every single string on the harp by turning the tuning every peg counterclockwise for safety. Loosen and haul off the key bed. Place the piano down for stability. Remove all the side wooden rails. Finally, remove the piano harp.


Upright piano removal and disposal is no easy task only professionals with experience can complete a service like this. If just hire an average person to do a job like this be prepared for damaged walls and messed up floors. 

Looking to get rid of an old up right Piano? JunkGuys can help you through. We can get it out of your place with no problem Many People get stuck with old upright, baby grand pianos and even grand pianos daily.

Whether it was inherited, left behind by a previous tenant or landlord, it can cause trouble and become an eyesore, as well as take up valuable room. Some people may even endure the large instrument in their home thinking that it's worth lots of money since it's an old antique. $200 Removal & Haul Off Fee 

Our experienced piano movers always use specially-designed piano moving equipment to safely move your baby grand, or upright piano. 



Our team uses special tools to haul off and remove your grand piano or upright piano you cannot use just any kind of dolly . The junkguys are equipped with a special piano dolly to remove and dispose of your piano...

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