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Frequently asked questions
What to do with old satellite dishes?

We take all satellites to the recycling center 100% of a satellite dishes are made of metals that can be recycled.

Where can I take old satellite dishes?

Take your satellite dish to your local recycling center. Call us and we will remove it and haul it for only $150.00

How much does satellite dish removal cost?

Our cheap standard price of $150.00 to remove and haul off any size satellite dish is 50-60% cheaper than our competition. 
What to do with an old DISH or DirecTV network receiver? 

Try to call your satellite dish provider and see if they are willing to send a representative to come by and pick it up, if not take it to the recycling center or give us a call. 

Satellite Dish Removal & Disposal On A Flexible Schedule 

All Satellite dish removal service is done for only $150.00 , we offer a very flexible schedule when you need to have your dish removed. Our same day & next day service is not something other companies can offer , that' s why we provide this service so easy to our customers. Most of the times when we remove and haul off these satellites dishes our customers don't even need to be home just leave the gate open and we will take care of business. 

So you decided to stop living in the past and move into the 21st century. No reason to have that huge thing in your backyard anymore.

Any Satellite dish is $150.00 we don't play around with our prices it's a set price. 

So you finally decided to get cable and get rid of your satellite dish we can help . We offer one simple price of $150.00  it's an upfront price and a flat fee. The JunkGuys do not leave you guessing what your paying and we don't change the price when we arrive at your home. 


Trampoline Removal 

The JunkGuys moves all kinds of Satellite dish and even other electronic junk that we recycle. 

Satellites come in many ways, we have handled all kinds and all sizes. Think of the JunkGuys when you want to get rid of your satellite dish many other companies have no idea what to do when they see a satellite dish. If you need anything removed and have unwanted junk we can do it for you let us know what you have at junkguysdfw@gmail.com 

So, what should you do when you are ready to get it out of your yard? From creatively repurposing to selling it or using a trampoline removal service to get rid of it for you, there are a range of excellent, hassle-free options.

Satellite Dish removal is easy and affordable
So you finally got rid of your dish service and decided to use cable or internet service for viewing TV. Finally you've decided to move on now you're ready to call the us to remove and haul off your satellite dish our professional team is ready to go to work.... 
Our satellite dish removal service is typically 50-60% cheaper than any service around we can service same-day or next day.  Once we haul off your dish and remove it from your homes roof we dispose it and recycle it. 


  •  Motor-driven Dishes
  •  Portable Satellite Dishes
  •  Mounted Satellite Dishes
  •  In-Motion Satellite Dishes
  •  Satellite Televisions
  •  VSAT Satellite Dishes
  •  Multi-Satellite Dishes
  •  Broken Electronics
  •  Cabling and Gear
  •  Bagged Misc. Junk

​A satellite dish is a dish-shaped type of parabolic antenna designed to receive or transmit information by radio waves to or from a communication satellite.



​Satellite Dish 

Removal  & Recycling


 Why satellite dish recycling & disposal is a service for you? 
These satellite dishes come in all sizes and forms almost every dish is different but none is to big for us.. Our team recycles 100% of all satellite dishes your dish is made of aluminum or some natural metal that can be easily bent. Not only do we remove satellite dishes, we also offer junk removal and trash pickup services.  

Satellite dish removal can be a difficult task if your doing it yourself. We have removed hundreds of satellite dish's in the last 12 years. WE RECYCLE ALL SATELLITE DISH'S

How to remove and dispose your Satellite dish? 

First you will need some tools and another person to help you and on some occasions you might need a ladder. Use a reciprocating saw and cut the pole at the lowest point possible, the satellite will fall slowly to the ground after this cut the satellite off the pole and start dismantling each piece of it.... Take all the cut up pieces and load them into your truck and don't forget the pole. Your Completed a Satellite dish removal.. 

Satellite Dish Pricing & Timing 

We offer a standard price for all satellite dish removal & disposal our flat rate of $150.00 is typically 50-60% cheaper than our competitors in the area. We have removed over hundreds of dishes we offer plenty of YouTube videos to prove our point. It takes us usually 15-45 minutes to remove any size dish.